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This is not the act of a civilized nation

This is not the act of a civilized nation

It’s past time for the death penalty to go on indefinite hiatus. It’s sad enough that the company we’re keeping on the “executing criminals” front is China, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. It’s deplorable enough that we know to a certaintythat people have been put to death in this country for crimes they didn’t commit. Either of these facts alone ought to be enough to have ended the death…

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The Lindsey Graham foreign policy playbook, at LobeLog

The Lindsey Graham foreign policy playbook, @LobeLog

In case you missed it, and chances are you did, Sunday’s “Meet the Press” finally established once and for all that Senator Lindsey Graham (What? Lindsey Graham on a Sunday morning TV show? How unusual!) is perhaps the keenest foreign policy mind this country has ever produced:

However, when Senator Graham shared his critical thoughts about Obama’s foreign policy record July 20 on NBC’s “Meet the…

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo offers the most damning critique of cable TV ever made

CNN’s Chris Cuomo offers the most damning critique of cable TV ever made

This is so devastating that I almost feel like it’s unfair:

Of New Day, which had its one year anniversary last month, Cuomo admitted it “has to grow, it has to get better,” but he said it’s “a good show that is based on the understanding of taking what matters seriously but not taking ourselves seriously.”

On top of that, he said it is “significantly challenging Morning Joefor the mandate of…

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Why do anti-marriage equality types think that this is an effective argument?

Why do anti-marriage equality types think that this is an effective argument?

Marco Rubio:

“If pro-traditional marriage is bigotry, then Barack Obama was a bigot just before the 2012 election,” Rubio, a possible 2016 presidential candidate, said in a speech about conservative family values at Catholic University.

Ralph Reed (seriously, this guy is still around?):

Saying he “can’t let that go,” Reed, an unapologetic social conservative, jumped in to disagree.


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When it comes to separatists, irony abounds

When it comes to separatists, irony abounds

Will Freeman at ThinkProgress notes that Vladimir Putin’s Russia tends to take a dim view of separatists within its own borders, even as it cultivates them in places like Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia, which seems odd for a guy who claims to care so much about hypocrisy:

Over the years, President Vladimir Putin has made it his trademark in speeches and even New York Times op-edsto call out the…

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Oh, bubonic plague. That’s nice.

Oh, bubonic plague. That’s nice.

China has apparently “sealed off” an entire city (Yumen) of 30,000 people, and put 151 of them in quarantine, after a man died of bubonic plague. It turns out that the plague still kills a whole bunch of people, mostly in the Congo region of Africa. Also, it turns out that 60 people in the West Bengal province of India have died over the past two weeksfrom encephalitis, which kills hundreds of…

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Gaza: weapons that maximize civilian deaths

Gaza: weapons that maximize civilian deaths

The death toll in Gaza has shot up since Israel launched its ground assault on Thursday, with at least 565 Palestinians and 25 Israeli soldiers now reported dead. Yesterday’s Israeli assault on the suburb of Shujaeyakilled at least 72 people, most of whom were women, children, and old men, and so they were probably among the civilian population that Israel claims it doesn’t want to kill. But the…

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Syria’s most violent 48 hours

Syria’s most violent 48 hours

Lost amidst the MH17 shoot down and Israel’s continually escalating campaign in Gaza, it turns out that over 700 people were killedbetween Thursday and Friday in Syria, probably the most violent two-day period since the civil war began three years ago. The Islamic State seized control of the Shaer gas field in the center of the country on Wednesday, bringing it into direct conflict with the Assad…

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Through the neocon looking glass, my latest at LobeLog

Through the neocon looking glass, my latest @LobeLog

I’m just watching what’s happening in Gaza, where Benjamin Netanyahu is talking about somehow “widening” a war that’s already killed nearly 300 Palestinians and counting, and don’t even really know what’s left to say. If Israel hasn’t already been dissuaded from its pathway to self-destruction, paved with the bodies of dead Palestinian kids, then I’m not sure what will actually convince them to…

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